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Saying Farewell to New Mama Cafe

In 2014 our doula agency was founded and with it came a regular gathering of new moms that we eventually named “New Mama Cafe”. This weekly meeting was a welcoming, safe space for moms to connect over coffee and conversation while their babies played in a safe environment. At its peak we had approximately 20 moms walking through our doors each week with their adorable babies in tow. What a joy it was to see familiar faces each Tuesday and get to great new moms and babies as well!

In The Spotlight: Lauren Deliberato

Hello again! We are excited to shine this month's spotlight on Lauren Deliberato, mama, therapist and all-around amazing human! We met Lauren in 2016 over coffee in an effort to network and learn more about the incredible therapeutic she provides. It was at that first coffee date that we knew we wanted her to be involved in our own efforts to push the boundaries of what unconditional postpartum support looked like for new parents. It is no secret that postpartum support in our society is lacking and it is our desire to provide our community with resources, hands-on guidance, and non-judgmental information & support throughout the postpartum years. For us, Lauren was the perfect person to partner with in these efforts. 

Lauren has an incredible capacity to make you feel safe and heard. Her understanding and compassion for the many challenges motherhood brings makes her an ideal therapist to lead our bi-monthly Postpartum Support Circle, Balance After Baby

In today's feature, we asked Lauren to give us a glimpse into her own life and her own journey as a mother, as well as share some of her passion for self-care and mental health. 

Why We Celebrate Women

Why We Celebrate Women

You’ll hear us say it a lot:

“Women are amazing.”

“Women are strong.”

“Women are warriors.”

These statements and more are proved to be true day-in and day-out in the work we do with our clients. We are constantly astonished by the incredible power and strength that the women in our lives portray.

Beat the Heat in the OC

Summer has officially arrived and with the heat wave we had a few weeks ago, it's clear that it is here to stay! Luckily the options to beat the heat in Orange County are bountiful. Whether you prefer to be near the beach, be indoors, or go exploring, the OC has it.

Scores of people are looking to get out of the sun without spending too much money. But the moviescan get a bit crowded during the summer months, so here are some of OC Doula Collective's favorite places and activities to enjoy the sunny weather without overheating.


Add a little culture to your day while exploring the museums in Orange County, many of which are kid friendly! We have the Bowers and OCCCA in Santa Ana, The Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, Mission San Juan Capistrano, and the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, just to name a few. Long Beach has the MOLAA and The Long Beach Museum of Art which has stunning views of the ocean. If you're feeling adventurous, head to Los Angeles to visit the ever-popular LACMA or the Zimmer's Children's Museum. Most museums have discounted pricing on certain days of the week as well as kids pricing. 

Splash Parks & Outdoor Water Play

These amazing venues are popping up all over Orange County and are a great way to cool in the middle of teh day when the heat is most unbearable. The amazing people at Fun Orange County Parks have compiled and updated a wonderful list for the Summer of 2016. Keep in mind that the drought may affect the parks openings, so check with the venue first before planning your trip.  

Low Cost Family Fun

Sticking to a budget this summer? Get together with a few friends and go in on some fun water toys – a kiddie pool, sprinklers, water balloons, etc. Plan a play-date once a week (or more) at someone's home and go to town with all your toys! Water balloon fights aren't just for kids, you know! Try making one of these homemade popsicles as a special treat for your guests. 

Stay Indoors

Need to get out of the house but want to stay indoors? There are a plethora of businesses that offer a reprieve from the heat, sometimes you just need to think outside of the box. Most people resort to the movies, but we love going bowling or to an indoor playground. Just a short drive down the 405, Long Beach has the INCREDIBLE Aquarium of the Pacific. Keeping costs to a minimum? Go window shopping at South Coast Plaza and treat yourself to an iconic ice cream cone at Hans' Homemade Ice Cream, just a short walk across the street!

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

This is Southern California, so the beaches are a given. They're in high demand for tourists and locals alike, but really are the epitome of an OC Summer. Our biggest tip here is to get there early... and overpack. Pack a lunch, sand toys, extra clothes, lots of sunscreen and water, and a big umbrella to keep you cool. Make a whole day of it with friends and family and enjoy the cooler coastal temps. Sea and sand are good for the soul, that's a fact!

Whatever you do to beat the heat, be safe. Remember to drink lots of fluids and to let your body rest after a long day of fun in (or out of) the sun! And if you have any favorite local spots we missed, let us know!