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Our Agency Doulas

We know that you are going to fall in love with the customized care each of the affiliated doulas on our team provides! All members that work with our agency have been hand selected by Lauren and Chelsea based on their expertise and professionalism, as well as their passion and dedication to serving our clients and community. It is important to us that you receive the best care possible from your birth and postpartum doula, which is why our affiliated doulas are subject to the highest standards in the industry.

All of the doulas affiliated with our agency are trained through a recognized organization which includes an in-person training and varying criteria to prove competence in supporting families. Doula trainings include education & guidance in the following and more:

  • Newborn Care: swaddling, soothing, bathing, feeding

  • AAP Sleep guidelines

  • Nurturing postpartum recovery: nourishing foods, encouraging rest, emotional support

  • Postpartum expectation: physical, emotional, familial

  • Breast & bottle feeding support

  • Normal newborn behavior and how to navigate newborn & parent preferences

  • Hands-on doula skills - including comfort measures and partner support

  • Learning & identifying the stages and phases of vaginal birth

  • Signs of labor progression including tools of comfort that can be used during each stage of labor

  • Medical & non-medical options for pain management

  • Knowledge of cesarean births and guidance on how to support families through an expected or unexpected cesarean

  • Skills to communicate respectfully & effectively with medical staff such as Obstetricians, Midwives, and Labor/Delivery Nurses.

  • Knowledge of various settings for birth including hospital, home, and birth center - and how they differ.

Our affiliated doulas are highly vetted & go through a thorough interview process that includes assessment of the following:

  • Attendance at an in-person workshop from a nationally recognized training organization

  • Up-to-date infant CPR certification and liability insurance

  • Background check clearance

  • The ability to demonstrate basic and advanced knowledge of the birth process and postpartum recovery, as well as ample knowledge of the many questions or topics that could be discussed by a new parent 

  • Commitment to continuing education and an expansion of knowledge

  • Alignment with our agency’s desire to work collaboratively with all medical professionals 

  • Glowing client reviews that exhibit their knowledge, compassion, and nonjudgmental support that we look for in an affiliate doula. If a doula is new to this field and is without client referrals, character references are reviewed.

  • Availability and desire to be a part of a team, to back up other agency doulas and to commit to excellence in communication and client support.