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Parent Educator

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Chelsea is the Co-Owner and Founder of Doulas of Orange County. She is a Birth and Postpartum Doula and teaches our private parenting classes such as baby care basics and comfort measures for labor. She was compelled to provide doula services after recognizing the need for families to have access to options, non-judgemental support and build community. She often saw friends that walked a lonely road and had a rough experience in parenthood.  After her very first client, her path was affirmed and she's been pursuing ways to improve care for Orange County parents ever since. 

In her work supporting families during the first year after birth, she has come to understand the importance of the fourth trimester. Chelsea believes that a woman's experience during pregnancy and childbirth has immense impact on her life and is the foundation for healthy bonding and a smooth progression into motherhood. She aims to support each client in creating a memorable and positive birth story.

As a postpartum doula, Chelsea focuses on attuning to the unique needs of each family she works with. Whether she’s providing a listening ear, providing breastfeeding support, walking a mom through baby wearing techniques or modeling newborn calming tips; her goal is the make this postpartum period as smooth and peaceful as possible. Chelsea seeks to create space for parents to rest and bond with their baby, while she takes care of the rest. She’s provided thousands of hours of in-home daytime and overnight postpartum over the past six years.

Chelsea a wife and mama to her 3 year old daughter, Juniper Autumn. She enjoys camping, hiking, backyard potlucks, spending time with animals, the beach, laughing with friends around the fire and snuggling her little one.