Saying Farewell to New Mama Cafe

In 2014 our doula agency was founded and with it came a regular gathering of new moms that we eventually named “New Mama Cafe”. This weekly meeting was a welcoming, safe space for moms to connect over coffee and conversation while their babies played in a safe environment. At its peak we had approximately 20 moms walking through our doors each week with their adorable babies in tow. What a joy it was to see familiar faces each Tuesday and get to greet new moms and babies as well!

New Mama Cafe was born of a desire to make sure that all moms felt supported and loved through their postpartum journey. It was a place where moms could talk about the ups and downs of parenting and share honestly without fear of judgment. It was a platform for education and advice and in it’s simplest form it was a way to help get moms out of the house and out of the “newborn fog”. From discussing day-to-day parenting adventures, to learning infant massage, to our Halloween costume party, Valentine’s Party, and Mom’s Night Out - much fun & friendship was had by all!


This group was a true passion project for us because we know how challenging being a mom is and because we truly believe that humans are created for community. Motherhood shouldn’t be an island. There is no reason for a mom to go through this journey alone and we wanted to create a space that was welcoming to everyone. It is our absolute hope that by opening our doors with New Mama Cafe that we did just that.

As seasons change, and our lives and schedules as agency owners shift, so must our offerings at Doulas of OC. And so it is time to say farewell to our beloved New Mama Cafe.

This is a bittersweet moment for us. And while we are so sad to see it go, we are so grateful for the time that we had with all of you. We trust in the timing of this shift and are confident that there are many other options for new moms to get support and connection throughout Orange County. If you’re breastfeeding and looking for support, join IBCLC Jen Reynolds every Wednesday from 10am-12pm at our office in Irvine. There’s a $10 recommended donation but no one will be turned away for lack of donation. For all moms looking for community, we recommend checking out the amazing team at Mindful Mama Tribe. They host regular gatherings throughout Orange County that not only offer the support and love moms need, but also some great educational opportunities as well.

We will always be of service to new and expecting parents and the absence of New Mama Cafe won’t change that. Our doors remain open for anyone who needs support in parenthood or is looking to connect to resources. Just email or call us with whatever you need and we’ll gladly help out as best we can.

Thank you to all of those that graced us with your presence at New Mama Cafe. We have such fond memories of you and your babies and are eternally grateful for the time we shared together.