5 Reasons to Take Baby & Me Yoga

Let's be real... as a new mom, you have a lot going on. Not only have you just birthed an entire human, but you're adjusting to sleepless nights, sore boobs, raging hormones, and learning the ins and outs of your baby's own unique cues. The first few months postpartum can be overwhelming and even frightening for some, often resulting in a lack of self-care and intense feelings of isolation.

Getting out of the house can be tough and finding time for yourself even tougher. What once took very little energy or thought, now requires a check-list just to get out the door in one piece!

  • 5 Million Diapers & Wipes - check!
  • Bottles - check!
  • Change of clothes for baby - check!
  • Is my bra on? - check!
  • Do I have spit-up anywhere on my shirt? - double check!

Leaving the house can be utterly exhausting, but getting out and about in the community might be just what the doctor ordered for your postpartum physical & mental well-being. And what could be better than mom groups where babies are welcome with open arms! Baby & Me Yoga is just one of the many events we host to help moms get reconnected to themselves and meet other parents in the community! 

So what's all the fuss about Baby & Me Yoga? Why is it so great? 

Deepen Your Bond

Parent & Baby classes are designated opportunities to share sacred space with your baby as you learn more about each other through active means of communication. Sure, you spend loads of time with your baby at home, but scheduling a regular time each week, specifically dedicated to active integration can take that bonding to an entirely differently level by setting a foundation for positive social & individual attachment.


Get More Sleep 

Ask any new parent what they want most in those first few months after baby's arrival and they'll tell you: MORE SLEEP. Not only has yoga been shown to have an impact on better sleep quality for adults, it also provides a perfect amount of stimulation to help baby sleep longer stretches as well. We call that winning all around!

Combat Postpartum Depression & Baby Blues

Postpartum Depression is no joke. As advocates for removing the stigma of postpartum depression in our society, we feel this may be one of the most important benefits of all. Yoga is incredible for your mental and emotional well-being. Learning coping techniques such as meditation, breathing & visualization have been shown to improve our overall quality of life and give you a more positive outlook. Additionally, connecting with other parents who are experiencing similar struggles lessens those feelings of isolation and decreases feelings of loneliness. That said, yoga is no substitute for qualified mental health services which is why we offer our bi-monthly Balance After Baby support group!

Physical Comfort for Mom & Baby

The postures and sequences chosen by Elizabeth, your Baby Yoga instructor, are not chosen at random. These gentle stretches & poses are designed to help you ease your postpartum body back into a regular fitness/movement routine and are modified for your own comfort level as well as to include your baby. Additionally, gentle twists, movements, and massage are known benefits in aiding in digestion, reducing gas/colic, and increasing strength and muscle tone in your baby. 


A Safe, Judgement-Free Zone

Are you staying away from yoga because you're worried that your baby will cry, sleep or nurse through the entire class?! If so, we want you to know that you and your baby are welcome, just as you are. Your instructor will accommodate you however you need and you are welcome to feed and soothe your baby however you see fit without leaving the yoga studio. Often times the social aspects are more beneficial than the physical ones and even if you don't do one dang yoga pose, we are confident that you will leave feeling better than when you came!

Elizabeth Clark is our Baby & Me Yoga instructor. She is a ray of sunshine with such passion and adoration for guiding moms & babies. Her welcoming spirit and calming energy will help you feel right at home at our weekly Baby & Me class. And while many of our students are new moms, we also welcome dads, grandparents and caregivers to join in as well! 

Classes are held every Monday at 2:30pm at Doulas of Orange County in Irvine. Enjoy your first class on us by RSVPing online. Five and Ten class packages are also available!