Postpartum Doula or Baby Nurse? What You Need to Know

Have you every wondered what the difference is between a night nanny, a baby nurse, a newborn care specialist, and a postpartum doula? Yeah, so have we! 

The commonality in all of these professions is that we are all here to provide support to new families throughout the months and first year following birth. And while our goals are similar, the scope of practice within each role, along with the training & professionalism required is quite different. 

Let me be straight with you - there are no specific credentials or training associated with a night nanny or a baby nurse. In fact, baby nurses or night nurses are typically not nurses at all, let alone trained to provide any type of medical care. I personally don't know many night nurses or baby nurses that utilize a contract or have many professional systems in place, which can be another red flag for some families. I honestly don't know where these terms came from but they can be confusing and misleading to parents seeking trusted support.

Night nannies and baby nurses generally focus on two things: newborn care and sleep. You will find that most night nannies or baby nurses take over complete care of your baby so that you and the rest of your family can sleep peacefully through the entire night. 

Sleep is imperative to a healthy and balanced life, you'll hear no argument from me on this topic! BUT, it has been my experience that too much focus on sleep and not enough focus on bonding, learning your baby's cues, or creating new family rhythms can create more challenges down the line. That's why Doulas of Orange County seeks to cultivate balance in all aspects of your life and postpartum recovery.

Our Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists are professionally trained to not only care for your baby but to also care for you. This circle of care includes being well-versed in the various transitions you'll face after your birth including physical recovery from birth, emotional challenges (such as baby blues, postpartum depression or anxiety), dealing with societal and family pressures, setting comfortable boundaries, and the shifts in relationships that a new baby brings.

The truth is, there are some days when I walk into a client's home and am handed a baby so the parents can shower & nap without interruption. And if that's how I'm needed that day, then I welcome the opportunity to give parents that space with my trusted care of their newborn. Other days, my client's goals are more task oriented. They request help with baby's first bath, need help organizing the nursery or want a few hearty and nutritious meals prepped for the week ahead. Some new parents find comfort in the listening ear and calming energy I provide, along with the professional knowledge and reassurance that my experience as a doula provides. 

Bottom Line: As Postpartum Doulas and Infant Care Specialists we seek to meet you where you are at each day and each night. Our focus is on your entire family, but also on the individuals within that family. 

You will find peace of mind and comfort during your postpartum with the care of our doulas and specialists. You are important to us. Your baby is important to us. Your family is important to us. We are confident that this will ring true each time we show up at your door. 

We look forward to meeting you and providing you with exceptional, well-rounded, unbiased support through this truly special time in your lives!