orange county doula

Welcome Home!

It's official, Doulas of Orange County is now located in the city of Irvine! We made the move on Monday, saying farewell to our first office in Costa Mesa and saying a hearty hello to the Airport Business Center! 

Saying goodbye to our Costa Mesa office was truly bittersweet. That space holds so many wonderful memories for was where we launched our parenting + community center, where we first taught classes, and where we met so many new parents and parents-to-be. We are honored to have spent two and a half wonderful years as a small business in Costa Mesa!

The growth we've had as a business is encouraging and exciting to say the very least and we are looking forward to the wonderful new memories we'll create at our new office at Sky Park Circle. In the coming days we'll be sharing more sneak peeks of the space via social media - if you don't already follow us on Instagram & Facebook - follow along for updates and fun new happenings! 

On a similar note, we have space for one more part-time renter at our new location near John Wayne Airport. This 9x12 office space will be shared with Lauren Slak, Licensed Midwife and includes 3.5 days of use per week. Rent includes use of our warm and inviting lobby, access to our coffee & tea bar, baby changing table, in-suite bathroom and priority access to use of our class and event space. 

Additionally, our class & event space is available for weekly or monthly classes as well as pop-up shops, movie nights, baby showers, blessing ways and more! 

We are looking for engaging, like-minded practitioners that are eager to serve the pregnant and parenting community in Irvine and surrounding areas. If this is you, we'd love to meet you and provide an in-person tour of the space. Please inquire at

Our doors officially open on August 7th with all classes & groups resuming as scheduled. Please note our new address is 17985 Sky Park Circle Suite A, Irvine CA 92614. 

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to invite each of you to our open house... more details coming soon!

Thank you to everyone for your support, now and always. 

Confident Birth :: A Childbirth Class Unlike Any Other

When you think of birth classes what automatically comes to mind?

Maybe you picture a bunch of pregnant women and their partners sitting on the floor with pillows doing their "hee-hee hoos." Maybe the word "Lamaze" pops into your head. Maybe you think of watching a graphic video of childbirth.

The idea of a group of expectant couples gathered to breathe, watch birth videos and talk about their fears and feelings could bring anyone to a halt when registering for a class. It's something that a lot of people reluctantly sign up for simply because it's recommended by their OBGYN or because they themselves consider it some sort of "rite of passage."

I can see why people might feel this way. These are some of the same thoughts I had before becoming a Childbirth Educator. I couldn't understand what the value of childbirth class was, especially when based on my own experiences as a Doula, each birth is so different. How could one class prepare each individual person for the type of birth they wanted or envisioned?

My tune changed pretty quickly after becoming a Childbirth Educator and I started to teach classes of my own. My goal in becoming an educator in the first place was not only to add to my skills as a professional Doula, but so I could help educate my clients and community in an unbiased way.

Too often I had clients come to me with misinformation or information clearly biased towards unmedicated birth. Too often did I have women feeling embarrassed or shamed by the choices they had made for their birth. Too often was their a feeling of disappointment in the room when the birth didn't unfold perfectly like the birth plan dictated.

What about the women who wanted an epidural?

What about the people who faced an induction and all they had been taught was that inductions were unnecessary or wrong?

What about those who were faced with a decision to have a cesarean birth?

A Morning with Your Postpartum Doula

This is the week you became parents, that you became a family. After welcoming your little one, you and your baby had two days of round the clock care from your loving nurses.  The food may have been sub par, but the sleep… oh the sleep was wonderful.  

Then comes the day… the day you are discharged. The joy surges through you. You’re going home with your newborn! In the car ride home you ask each other “Did they really just let us leave?” The drive is surreal as you look back at your baby, asleep in the car seat.

“I got this!”, you say to yourself.  You know you will be incredible parents. You bought the best gear, signed up for the baby care basics class and mastered the diaper change.  Yes, you got this.

That night was simultaneously the best and most challenging night you can recall. The love for your baby was overflowing, yet you felt like you were up all - night - long. Between nursing, countless diapers, burping, rocking and holding this tiny new creature; you wake up utterly exhausted. 

You sit up in bed to nurse for what feels like the 100th time. Your postpartum haze subsides for a moment as you remember: the Postpartum Doula is coming today!!! You relax as you realize that support and reassurance is on the way.