world doula week

A Morning with Your Postpartum Doula

This is the week you became parents, that you became a family. After welcoming your little one, you and your baby had two days of round the clock care from your loving nurses.  The food may have been sub par, but the sleep… oh the sleep was wonderful.  

Then comes the day… the day you are discharged. The joy surges through you. You’re going home with your newborn! In the car ride home you ask each other “Did they really just let us leave?” The drive is surreal as you look back at your baby, asleep in the car seat.

“I got this!”, you say to yourself.  You know you will be incredible parents. You bought the best gear, signed up for the baby care basics class and mastered the diaper change.  Yes, you got this.

That night was simultaneously the best and most challenging night you can recall. The love for your baby was overflowing, yet you felt like you were up all - night - long. Between nursing, countless diapers, burping, rocking and holding this tiny new creature; you wake up utterly exhausted. 

You sit up in bed to nurse for what feels like the 100th time. Your postpartum haze subsides for a moment as you remember: the Postpartum Doula is coming today!!! You relax as you realize that support and reassurance is on the way.