Confident Birth :: A Childbirth Class Unlike Any Other

When you think of birth classes what automatically comes to mind?

Maybe you picture a bunch of pregnant women and their partners sitting on the floor with pillows doing their "hee-hee hoos." Maybe the word "Lamaze" pops into your head. Maybe you think of watching a graphic video of childbirth.

The idea of a group of expectant couples gathered to breathe, watch birth videos and talk about their fears and feelings could bring anyone to a halt when registering for a class. It's something that a lot of people reluctantly sign up for simply because it's recommended by their OBGYN or because they themselves consider it some sort of "rite of passage."

I can see why people might feel this way. These are some of the same thoughts I had before becoming a Childbirth Educator. I couldn't understand what the value of childbirth class was, especially when based on my own experiences as a Doula, each birth is so different. How could one class prepare each individual person for the type of birth they wanted or envisioned?

My tune changed pretty quickly after becoming a Childbirth Educator and I started to teach classes of my own. My goal in becoming an educator in the first place was not only to add to my skills as a professional Doula, but so I could help educate my clients and community in an unbiased way.

Too often I had clients come to me with misinformation or information clearly biased towards unmedicated birth. Too often did I have women feeling embarrassed or shamed by the choices they had made for their birth. Too often was their a feeling of disappointment in the room when the birth didn't unfold perfectly like the birth plan dictated.

What about the women who wanted an epidural?

What about the people who faced an induction and all they had been taught was that inductions were unnecessary or wrong?

What about those who were faced with a decision to have a cesarean birth?

These options, these considerations were being left out. This is why I became a Childbirth Educator: to create positive change, to be inclusive in all birthing options, and to create a class that was unlike any other!


At Doulas of Orange County, I believe we have done just that. 

Our Confident Birth curriculum is evidence-based and interactive. It provides opportunities to learn and discuss the various options and decisions that birthing parents are presented with. Our class provides space for honest and nonjudgmental discussion in a group setting. Lastly, it provides comprehensive skill building and hands-on practice that can be applied throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth.

It's not your typical OC childbirth class and here's why:

  • We don't focus on a certain way to birth. Doulas of Orange County is a judgment-free zone! Planning a cesarean? We'll talk about risks & benefits and ways to make your birth a positive one. Planning a home birth? We'll demonstrate various comfort measures that can be beneficial for an unmedicated birth. There is no "one way" or "right way" to have a baby and for that reason our Confident Birth class does not focus on one particular birthing method or experience.
  • Our goal is to build your confidence! In the various classes I've observed, I've noticed a disheartening trend of childbirth educators scaring people and scarring people. Our aim is to encourage and support you, to help you be informed and to increase your confidence as you approach this momentous occasion in your life! We do this by having honest, open discussions about what you know about birth & where that knowledge came from. We address fears and hopes, birth plans, self-care, and how to find your voice. 
  • There's a lot of laughter. Honestly, conversations about pregnancy and birth are not all that glamorous and often times requires humor. We won't sugar coat things. We'll talk about pooping when you push, hemorrhoids, sex noises in labor, orgasms & oxytocin, peeing yourself, and so much more. These conversations can be awkward, we know. But part of the beauty of it is that humor and awkwardness can actually make you relax, yes, even in labor! Mix those comedic conversations with hands-on exploration of comfort measures and this class is anything but boring!
  • We recognize that learning takes time. Enough with these 2 hour online classes! I may be biased, but you won't learn much in a quick, no-frills class. This is a HUGE day in your life and the commitment in preparing for it deserves to be significant. Whether you're taking our weekend intensive or the full 4-week series, it is worth the time! TRUST ME! We truly want you to absorb this information so that you can effectively apply it on the day of your birth. Some of this information takes thoughtful consideration and exploration. Don't rob yourself of truly gaining all that you can from your childbirth class. 

It is our sincere hope that in offering these unbiased, nonjudgmental, comprehensive classes that you will walk into your birth experience feeling CONFIDENT, INFORMED, and READY. 

If you want to join us, visit our classes page or register below. We recommend signing up anywhere between 24 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Our 4-week series is held regularly throughout the year and our 1-day workshop is held every month. Space is limited to 8 couples per class and classes fill up months in advance. Secure your spot today and let's get confident!