Gift Guide 2017

The Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts for a New Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14th 2017. We love that there is a day set aside to celebrate and honor Motherhood! You may have a spouse, family member or friend that is celebrating their First Mother’s Day this year and you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift to show you care.  

We did a roundup of our Top 10 ideas to gift the new mom in your life. 

Image Source::  The Bee and The Fox

Image Source:: The Bee and The Fox

1) Matching Shirts for Mom and Baby

We can’t even handle the adorable matching shirts offered over at The Bee and the Fox. Don’t worry these aren’t cheesy in the least. Or maybe they are; but we love them anyhow! Their Mama Bird shirt and Baby Bird onesie is enough to make any new mom’s heart sing with joy. This local OC company is based out of San Clemente, CA. Pro tip: snap a pic to document the dynamic duo together in their new tees.

2) Breakfast in Bed

This is the perfect gift from mom’s partner. Prepare some homemade pancakes, fresh fruit, organic eggs, coffee and a few hand picked flowers to present to her in bed. Offer to hold your little one so she can eat with two hands and truly relax. Snuggle up to enjoy some quality time together and soak in the beautiful fact that you're a family.

3) The Gift of Rest

Oh sleep, the most desired and loved pastime of any new mom. The gift of rest can be provided in a myriad of ways. Pop some lavender essential oil in the diffuser, go on a walk with the baby while mom takes a long nap in silence. If you want mom to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed this Mother’s Day, gift her in home, overnight care with a Postpartum Doula.

Image Source::  Nia Tudor

Image Source:: Nia Tudor

4) Watercolor Family Illustration

This custom family portrait by artist Nia Tudor is a unique and thoughtful gift that any mom would love. It's as easy as sending in a family photograph and Nia will paint a creative representation to hang on your wall for years to come. 

5) Day out with Friends

Let’s be real. Motherhood sometimes can be very isolating as a new mom finds their rhythm and transitions into life with a baby. There is nothing more refreshing than a day out with friends. Set up a lunch at her favorite spot with all the friends that make her smile. Local to Orange County? Cafe Gratitude in newport beach is delightful restaurant that we can’t get enough of!

6) In Home Spa

While a new mom needs pampering, she also wants to be with the one that made her a mom; her child. Bring the spa to her! Think aromatherapy, music, massage, face mask and a long soak featuring an herbal bath blend for mom and baby such as this blend from Mountain Rose Herbs.

7) Mom in the Frame

Snap a candid photo of mom and baby and gift it to her in a lovely frame. Moms are often are busy documenting their baby and those around them, that they forget to step in the shot. This will show that you value their bond and it will be treasured for years to come. Bonus points; schedule a lifestyle photoshoot documenting the small, yet meaningful moments in motherhood.

8) Rose Gold Bar Necklace

We adore this sweet and minimalist hand stamped necklace from The Silver Wren. You can customize this rose gold necklace to feature get the baby’s initials, the word mama or another endearing sentiment.

9) Date Night    

A date night for mom and her partner often doesn’t get on the calendar often during the first year. This is a perfect gift for anyone in mom’s life to set up. As the friend or family member you can offer to babysit and send the lovebirds off for a dinner together. We all know she’ll be missing the baby after 30 minutes, but hey… a 30 minute date is still appreciated! If baby is quite young, set up an in home date to experience and enjoy with baby in tow. Rent a movie and order takeout of her choice while enjoying a quiet evening as a family.

10) A Craft from Baby  

A heartfelt craft “created and signed” by baby is always a sure winner. Some ideas are a mold of tiny handprints, a handmade card, finger painting or a custom coffee mug with baby's photo! I have the cheesy mug and drink from it daily, true story. 


We hope you enjoyed our Mother's Day 2017 Gift Guide for first time moms!