Essential Breastfeeding Education

Parents-to-be are often inundated with advice, unnecessary classes, and books upon books upon books about how to do this or that. Here at Doulas of Orange County our goal in providing classes is to support you without overwhelming you. Our Milk Mama 101 class is a great way to learn evidence-based information to set you up for success on your breastfeeding and bonding journey.

This private 3-hour course covers basics like “Getting A Good Latch” and “Positioning For Optimal Results," as well as awe-inspiring details about that incredible first “Golden” hour of life and the 9 instinctive stages of a newborn. Also discussed are thoughts for you to consider as you approach those early postpartum weeks specifically how to approach family involvement or visitors and setting boundaries to ensure a positive and successful breastfeeding relationship with your newborn. Everything is fully customizable to what you want to learn, with plenty of extra time for questions.

That beautiful breastfeeding relationship is full of joyful new experiences along with some challenges that can often be simplified by having good information and by giving attention to a few REALLY important details right at the beginning. Let us help you make those first few weeks as smooth as possible! Practicing positioning and hands-on experience will help you to feel more confident and prepared when you hold your precious little one in your arms for the very first time!

This Breastfeeding 101 class is taught by our incredible CLEC, Luka Johnson. Trained through the UCSD Lactation Educator Counselor program, Luka, brings a hands-on approach along with practical, thoughtful and up-to-date information you won’t get in a hospital breastfeeding class! Classes are held at our Irvine office or in the comfort of your own home.