Scientific Reasons to Sling Your Baby {Guest Post}

It’s no secret that we are all huge fans of babywearing here at Doulas of OC. There’s nothing sweeter than having an adorable baby snuggled into your chest and babywearing makes that possible and easy for parents to achieve day in and day out! Today we are joined by Neve Spicer at We The Parents, a parenting & lifestyle blog. Neve shares our love for babywearing and is providing more information on the scientific side behind this ancient parenting practice.

The Evidence Behind Babywearing

When it comes to the benefits of babywearing (of which there are many), the evidence comes in three flavors:

  1. Cultural wisdom: Worldwide, almost universally, human societies have carried their young, and have done so forever, as in, since before we were even called “humans”.

  2. Anecdotal evidence: Any parent who practices babywearing will tell you, it’s super-convenient and the physical and emotional closeness it creates, intuitively “feels right” on a very deep level.

  3. Scientific evidence: There are very many studies that reveal profound biological advantages for both parent and infant. Previously, rounding up all this research took some doing! However, WeTheParents has now compiled and summarized a comprehensive set of scientific literature that backs up the benefits of babywearing.

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at evidence type #3 a.k.a. “The Science”


To learn more about these studies and the babywearing benefits they reveal, visit: