When Should I Hire a Doula?

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"Am I too early?"

"Am I too late?"

"When do most people hire you?"

If I had a dollar for every time I got a call inquiring about doula support...

It's a common query from Orange County families beginning their doula search: "When should I hire a doula?" To which I answer, "As soon as you know you're ready!" 

For some the doula search can take a while, for others, they meet one amazing doula and know it's a match made in heaven. Personality, connection, confidence in their support - these are all things expectant couples are looking for, in addition to training and expertise. And when that connection is evident, I say you should snatch that doula up ASAP!

"What's the rush?" you may ask.

A doula's availability is based on how many clients she accepts in a month and how many clients have already have booked her for an estimated due date. We are mindful not to overload each of our doulas calendars because we want them to be well-rested, healthy, and fully present for you and your family. And because our calendar can fill up months in advance, there is no guarantee that your chosen doula is available for your due date until you officially seal the deal!

We've had the honor of being that first call after the positive pregnancy test and we've been hired by people already in labor. There is no perfect time to hire a doula and it's never too early or too late!

For most, the sweet spot is about 18-20 weeks. This is about the time that things get real. The exhaustion of the first trimester has subsided, you've had your anatomy scan and possibly learned the sex of your baby. It is with these changes that people start thinking about their vision for birth and who they'd like beside them offering birth and postpartum support. 

As we said before, it's never too late to hire us, but booking support earlier in pregnancy definitely has it's perks! Not only does it allow you ample time to build a stronger relationship with your doula, it also allows for you to create a stronger vision for your birth and postpartum experience. Your doula is there throughout pregnancy to answer questions, provide you with resources, help you create your birth and postpartum plan, and offer emotional support through the various challenges pregnancy can bring. That unconditional support continues into birth and postpartum, creating a seamless transition with well-rounded care. 

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a birth doula, an overnight doula, or both; locking that support in as soon as you're ready provides peace of mind and experienced guidance at your fingertips.