A Night With Your Postpartum Doula

Every new parent has that "oh sh*t" moment, the one where reality hits and you feel like you're a little out of your league with this tiny new human.

The whirlwind of your birth is over. Your baby is here and you're in love. After a few days in the hospital you load your sweet baby and yourselves into the car to head home... then panic hits. Questions and concerns run through your head as you consider this new life that you are responsible for. The stress is enough to make you want to turn around and head back to the hospital. But you don't. You forge ahead as so many parents before you, ready or not. 

We know this time can be particularly stressful for new parents and it is for that reason that we make ourselves available to support you that first night you bring your baby home... and for many nights beyond that. 

Imagine climbing into your luxuriously comfy bed with a tummy full of nutritious food and the knowledge that your sweet baby is in good hands. Your doula will wake you for your baby's next feeding or let you sleep, it's your choice! Her support with nighttime swaddling, diaper changes, burping and soothing will leave you space to get restorative sleep when you need it most. In the morning, you'll wake refreshed with a cup of tea and a light breakfast in bed. 

Does it Sound too good to be true? 


It isn't!

Having a postpartum doula is like having a parenting encyclopedia, a baby whisperer and a best friend all rolled into one. She will help you unravel the secrets of your baby's unique behavior and offer guidance and practical support when reality hits. She's available to answer those pressing questions like:

"Is my baby is getting enough to eat?"
"Does this latch looks right?"
"What will help with my baby's gas?"

Her guidance is unique to your family and your baby's needs and is not a one size fits all approach. This is why each visit is custom tailored to you! Each day will be different... from helping with your baby's first bath, to organizing the nursery, to listening while you share about your birth, or being a shoulder to cry on when the baby blues get overwhelming... rest assured that your postpartum doula is there to meet your every need.

We know and understand the realities of parenting a newborn. It can be really tough at times and we strongly believe that filling your own cup is important. By hiring an overnight doula, you are gifting yourself the best type of self-care that's available to new parents. Speaking of gifts, our doula registry allows family and friends the opportunity to contribute to your postpartum care. Because let's be honest, your newborn doesn't NEED toys or more clothes, but you do NEED more sleep. 

If you're wanting to experience more restful and less stressful nights, Doulas of Orange County has one of our professional postpartum overnight doulas immediately available to meet your families needs. Don't worry, help is on the way!