Sleep Trainer or Sleep Consultant... which one is right for me?

Sleep Coaching, Sleep Training, Sleep Consulting... so many terms that essentially all mean the same thing, right? 

Not always.

After extensive research and trainings to learn about the science of infant sleep, I've come to realize that while the terms may be intermixed, they don't always describe the same service. And because I believe in full transparency, I want to share a bit more about the differences in approach and what makes our in-home program so unique. 

First, it's probably helpful to really understand what sleep training is. At its core sleep training is the process of teaching your baby to fall asleep independently, self-soothe, and sleep through the night without help from you. Sleep training is about fixing something that's broken. It's a journey that takes you from where you are right now to where you want to be. Sleep training, when done right isn't cruel or harmful to your baby and it has the potential to be incredibly liberating for your entire family!

If you feel that you and your baby are ready to begin this journey, hiring an expert is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! Sure, there are blogs and books, but if you're anything like me, you'll get easily overwhelmed with the conflicting advice and find it a struggle to stay consistent. Having someone by your side throughout this process provides peace of mind, reassurance, and helps you feel confident as a parent. 

Having expert support is key in making this process as empowering as possible.


If you're onboard with hiring support, finding the right person and right program is important! And while all sleep professionals have the same goal in mind, the approach isn't always the same. We'll help you understand the differences between what we do and what others do and we'll share more about why our program is so magical!

What is a Sleep Consultant?

What you'll find with most Sleep Consultants is that they are there to provide virtual consulting services over the phone, Skype or FaceTime with the occasional in-person meeting. A Sleep Consultant will assess your baby's sleep and provide you with a plan to implement. Typically they provide x amount of hours of phone support each day or each week, with limited hours at night.

Sleep Consultants are often trained, but they can also be newborn care specialists or night nannies with no particular training, scope of practice, or certifying body. Approach and guidelines vary with methods that are similar to Ferber, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and Baby Wise. 

What is a Sleep Trainer?

Rather than simply handing you a pre-set plan to work on your own, a Sleep Trainer creates a customized plan unique to your baby, your family, and your goals. It begins with a full sleep assessment, in-person observations of your baby's sleep habits & routines, and uninterrupted in-person guidance for 48-72 hours in your home. A Sleep Trainer is with you every step of the way to help you decipher your baby's behavior, find the best solutions, and establish consistency. She will literally hold your hand through the entire process until your baby is sleeping independently! 

How is our Sleep Training Program different?

At Doulas of Orange County our baby sleep services are based off of the Mommywise program which is guaranteed to work! This program is unlike any other! While most sleep training support in Orange County, Long Beach, and Southern California are offered via virtual consulting, we exclusively offer in-home sleep training programs where your certified sleep expert lives in your home for 48-72 hours to implement your baby's customized sleep plan.

We will be there with you as you navigate your baby's changing sleep patterns and provide you the support and consistency you need to make the changes necessary for healthier, more blissful sleep!

Learning isn't linear and we fully recognize that adapting to this new skill will take some time. That's why in addition to the live-in care we also provide 4 weeks of phone and email support to help you navigate any adjustments, setbacks or hurdles. It is with this model and the well-rounded support it entails, that we can guarantee success for your baby and your family!

We know it sounds too good to be true, but we wouldn't promise it if we couldn't deliver. 

We are not here to convince you if you aren't ready and we aren't here to provide a service that isn't needed. If what you're doing is working for you and your family, we salute you!

But if you're one of the thousands of parents that is sleep deprived and at their wits end, we are here to help! If you've tried everything and are still struggling, we can support you. Even if this is the beginning of your journey, but you know you'll need guidance, that's why we're here!

We trust that with our help your baby will meet (or even exceed!) the sleep goals you set.

If you are ready to reunite with your pillow and enjoy luxurious, blissful sleep, we invite you to reach out to schedule your complimentary sleep assessment today! We'll talk you through the process, answer all of your questions, and set a start date! You'll be amazed at the results and how having a baby that sleeps well will change your life!