Exceptional Support Through Life's Biggest Adventure


You are the center of your baby's world. Your baby depends on you to be healthy, well-nourished, and well-supported through pregnancy, birth & beyond. This symbiotic relationship is overwhelming for most and navigating the many birth options, care providers, and parenting philosophies can be daunting. 

Imagine now a team of professional and compassionate doulas with the sole goal of helping you thrive in pregnancy & parenthood. Through education, empowerment, and community engagement, we are here for you.

With Doulas of Orange County by your side, you can expect unconditional and nonjudgmental support from OC's pregnancy and postpartum experts. 


Birth Support

The birth of your baby will be unlike any other day of your life. With Doulas of Orange County you have unparalleled support at every turn.

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Postpartum Care

Combine the practicality of hands-on guidance and the luxury of postpartum pampering to fully enjoy and recover during the 4th Trimester.

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