Sleep Consultation


Sleep Consultation

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If you aren’t yet ready for our live-in support or are looking for guidance on simple tweaks to your baby’s schedule, this Sleep Consultation is for you!


CUSTOM SLEEP EVALUATION: Prior to our meeting you’ll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that clarifies your child’s sleep habits, routines, and your goals for working together. Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.

SLEEP CONSULTATION: A private, virtual 90 minute consultation where we’ll review your child’s sleep together, troubleshoot possible problems, and make a plan to address naps, bedtime, or night wakings.

PERSONALIZED SLEEP PLAN: Following our meeting I will create and send a customized sleep plan with step-by-step instructions on how to move forward.

IMMEDIATE GUIDANCE: Three follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. These 15 minute follow-up calls will be focus on celebrations, addressing setbacks, and answering any questions. 

FOLLOW UP SUPPORT: 10 additional days of unlimited phone and email support. You’ll have access to my personal cell and email and can reach out to me during normal business hours with questions or if you need support through bedtime, etc.

CONTINUED SUCCESS: Your investment includes one 30 minute call that can be used anytime in the 6 months following your initial consultation. These calls are often utilized to make a plan for traveling, address a sleep regression (or progression as I like to look at it!), daylight savings adjustments, etc.

Your consultation will take place virtually via Zoom video call and I invite your partner and caregivers to join in as well. Availability varies, but I can often accommodate a new client within a week.

$725 to reserve your full sleep consultation

Looking to start small? Begin with our 90 Minute Sleep Assessment for simple tools you can start with now to help your baby sleep more peacefully! Only $195!

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