As seasoned birth professionals we have seen it all! We've been through the valleys and climbed the mountain tops and have learned a ton along the way.

When we first began our journeys as individual doulas we didn't have much guidance or mentorship. It seemed like a constant struggle and we were tempted to quit many times, but we forged ahead and we're all the stronger for it. With our Doula to Doula Mentoring program, we are determined to make things easier & more positive for you!

Mentoring aspiring, new, and experienced doulas is our way of pouring back into our community. We know how hard it can be to do it alone and we want to provide you the type of support we wish we had when we were starting out.

If you're looking for connection, heart-centered guidance, encouragement, and someone to stoke the fire inside you, you've found it! We are so excited to meet you and learn about how we can best support you.

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We limit the number of private mentoring clients we take because we want you to receive the best of all that we have to offer. It is our desire to give you our undivided attention and truly support you in the most impactful way. We can't do that when we're trying to juggle all the things and working with all the people. If you're ready to say "YES" to this incredible opportunity, click that button below and let's get started!

What Can You Expect?

doula to doula mentoring includes:

  • One-on-One virtual coaching sessions - 60 minutes each

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Non-scheduled "Emergency Calls" - 20 minutes each

  • Information on Continuing Education and Benefits to Skill Refreshers

  • Private, Customized Advanced Doula Skills Workshops

  • Relevant Handouts & Worksheets

  • Goal Setting & Accountability

  • Weekly Self-Care Exercises

  • Free admission to our Book Club for Doulas

one-on-one Sessions can include:

  • Creating a Vision for Your Business and Manifesting Your Ideal Client

  • Immediate Goal Setting and First Steps

  • Guidelines in Creating & Assistance in editing Business Documents

  • Assistance in Setting (and sticking to) Your Personal Scope of Practice

  • Guidance on Navigating Hospital Staff and Protocols

  • Networking Dos & Don'ts

  • Authentically Nurturing Business Partnerships

  • Legalities of Setting up Your Birth Business

  • Effective Marketing Tools and Social Media Dos and Don'ts

  • How to be a Mindful Doula

  • Setting Your Fees and Knowing Your Worth!

  • A Journey into Self-Care and Living a Balanced Life

  • Case Studies, Peer Review & Birth Processing

  • Personalized Empowerment & Self-Care Exercises

  • And more!!

Program Options

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