Elizabeth S.

Postpartum doula

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Liz is a postpartum Doula serving Orange County and south Los Angeles. Prior to working in the perinatal field, Liz worked with families as a house manager at a women’s shelter and there her passion grew for helping to encourage parents, help them reach their goals and walk with them through the hardships and triumphs of parenthood. She left working at the shelter when she became a parent herself to a baby girl. This time was as challenging as it was joyful and has been the greatest tool to propel her to help other families have success in the highs and lows of parenting.

Liz strives to help parents by supporting them without judgment, teaching them the information and skills they seek to know and encouraging them along the way. She loves working with all kinds of families and wants to meet them exactly where they’re at and be what they need; even if they aren’t sure what that is. Liz does this through her close relationship with families through her ongoing education and her diverse experience. Watching families grow and enjoy the first few weeks with a new baby is among her greatest of joys. She loves serving these families in any way possible and is able to attune to the unique needs of each mom and dad she supports. Liz has extensive experience with daytime and overnight care. She is an expert in everything from breast and bottle feeding guidance, to newborn care to helping moms create sustainable routines with with a new baby. Liz has worked with premature newborns and twins during her years as a doula.

As the mom of a toddler, Liz loves going on adventures and traveling with her family. They love beach trips, museums, music events, seeing the beauties of nature and eating at yummy restaurants. Her favorite past time is cooking, especially finding new ways to make classic recipes healthier.