Jennifer B.

Birth Doula

postpartum doula




Jen B. is a Birth and Postpartum doula serving families across Orange County. Jen's passion lies in walking alongside of mothers during the intimate and sacred time of pregnancy, childbirth and the first few months home with baby.  

Growing up in Michigan, she spent 11 years working in Homeland Security, Emergency Operations and Intelligence Operations, before choosing to leave that life behind in favor of a much more fulfilling life of supporting and nurturing expecting and new families in OC.  She had been on the path of the Doula for quite some time before realizing that it was her calling to switch careers and begin her practice. Residing in Southern California since 2014, she received in depth training from multiple programs, including the International Doula Institute.

As a birth doula, Jen’s passion is to empower all women through their birth. There is not a single moment in life that is more powerful than a woman birthing in her power and her way. Her desire is to engage fully with her clients to ensure that they receive the optimal care that they deserve, so they can experience that a birth feeling completely supported, informed and nurtured. Jen has a calming and empathetic nature, a direct style of communication and can bring a lighthearted and encouraging atmosphere to the room.

As a postpartum doula, Jen is honored to be an integral part of helping a new family adjust to their newborns with confidence, joy and serenity. She is fiercely dedicated to ensuring the moms she supports have the unique support they need after birth. Whether that is a listening ear to process, hands on baby care, an encouraging presence or an expert on all things relating to postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and newborns. She is compassionate, professional, friendly and open minded.

In addition to birth and postpartum care, Jennifer is passionate about providing a holistic wellness approach to Birth that includes deep hypnosis, body work through acupressure & kinesiology (Touch for Health), aromatherapy, energy work, placenta encapsulation & individual herbal support. She is always seeking to expand her knowledge, focusing intently on her studies, keeping up to date on all the evidence-based information on birth and taking continuing education workshops. 

In her free time, Jen adores mothering her 7 year old son, long walks on the sunny beaches, social justice platforms, making time for self-care, learning new information and spending quality time with her friends and family.