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Emma S.

postpartum doula

Parent Educator




Emma is a Postpartum Doula and Private Class Educator. She is a strong advocate of positive thinking for fundamental growth in one’s environment.  She believes that constant positivity, reflection and a well set up atmosphere deeply improve the postpartum stage for parents. In her work as a Postpartum Doula, Emma makes sure to meet mothers exactly where they are at with gentle encouragement, inspiring education and steadfast support.  

Emma earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from California State University of Long Beach, where she extensively studied child development and the parent/child relationship.  Over the last 5 years, Emma has served as a Board Member for the Lagoon Playgroup, where she has collaborated with community and educational leaders, continuing to expand her knowledge of the growing family unit. As a methodical educationalist, she offers motivating and meaningful enrichment to parents and community members to conduct themselves as empowered citizens of our global community.

Emma was born in Japan and spent summers visiting her Family in Japan.  She resides in Long Beach, CA with her husband and two children. Her multi-cultural personal history presents excellence in creating accord among divergent groups.