of course you have questions!

At Doulas of Orange County, we know how much you love your baby. We know you want the best for your entire family. We also know you may have anxieties or fears about sleep coaching, what it means, what it entails, and what your baby will experience. These feelings are 100% valid and normal. With so much contradictory information at your fingertips, of course you have concerns! We’re here to listen to you, to validate your feelings, and to figure out if our program is right for your family. 

when can i start sleep training my baby?

We believe 12-16 weeks is a great time to start training your baby to sleep. That said, it’s never too early or too late to start implementing good sleep habits! If your baby is younger than 12 weeks we have some questions to determine if it's an appropriate time to start our program.

are we talking about cry it out?

NO! We won't lie though, there is definitely the possibility of tears. Our goal, however, is to minimize tears... for you and your baby! You and your Sleep Coach are actively involved with making decisions based on what you are observing rather than passively letting your baby cry behind a closed door.

what resources do you recommend?

Since we don’t know you or your baby yet, we can't confidently recommend any books or resources. Sleep coaching isn't a one-size-fits-all solution and often that's what books provide. Instead, we believe you & your baby deserve personalized support!

It really only takes 48-72 hours?

As long as your baby is healthy, not teething, and we’re supporting you with one of our in-home packages we guarantee your baby will be sleeping better in 72 hours or less. And, to be honest, many families find that their baby is sleep trained within 48 hours! 

We do encourage you to plan to be at home for the first week after your sleep coaching visit so your baby has space and time to can practice his/her new skills and get into a great routine.

how do you guarantee success?

Here’s our promise: It will work. We will not let you fail. We interview each prospective client carefully to ensure that we can guarantee success. If we don’t sense that we can help you, we’ll tell you straight. We won’t take your money and give you hope that your baby can sleep through the night if we’re not 100% confident that we can help you achieve your goals, and make them stick. Why? Because that wouldn’t serve you, and it wouldn’t serve us. We’re committed to our 100% success rate. Our guarantee is that we won’t leave you until you feel 100% confident that you don’t need us anymore. Even though our program is designed to support you over a four-week period, if your baby gets sick or you have any big setbacks, we’ll stick with you until you get to the other side and feel confident on your own. Even if that goes over the four-week program. That’s how we guarantee your success!

What if my baby is the one baby this doesn’t work for?

We know this is a huge financial and emotional investment and you may be wondering “What if it doesn't work?" In truth, we don’t work with every family because we can't guarantee success for every family. During your complimentary sleep assessment, we will help you determine if this is right for you and if it is, it will work! And we stick with you until it does. We promise. 

when should i book?

We only take a limited number of clients each month to ensure our guarantee of success. Our desire is to be fully present with you and your family and we cannot do that if we're working with 10 families at a time. Booking in advance ensures our availability AND gives you the peace of mind that more sleep is on it's way!

what if i'm not in Orange County?

Our sleep coaches serve all of Southern California including Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. We are available for long distance travel for an additional fee. 

What comes Next?

First, fill out an application. Once received we will let you know if we can confidently support you. If we believe without a doubt that our program will work, we will send you an email to schedule a call to more thoroughly discuss working together and recommend a package that fits your families needs. If we all feel this is a good match, you will select a start date and be closer to getting the sleep you deserve!

What if my baby isn't ready yet?

If it isn't quite time or you aren't emotionally ready for this process, there are still ways we can help. First, we can schedule your sleep coaching program for a future date when you and your baby are 100% ready. Second, we can support you in getting more sleep by having one of our postpartum doulas provide overnight care. 

What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Fill out our application to schedule your free sleep consultation. We'll answer all of your questions over the phone as well as give you information on next steps. Due to the high demand for sleep coaching services, we do not take phone call inquiries. Please click the button below to schedule a call.