Placenta Preparation


Placenta Preparation

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Placenta encapsulation is a popular way to balance energy and hormones after the birth of your baby.

Our clients have reported:

  • increased breast milk supply
  • reduced postpartum bleeding
  • increased energy (and increased iron levels)
  • easier recovery from childbirth
  • less "baby blues"

Rest assured that your placenta has been prepared and encapsulated in a manner exceeding industry standards

  • Traditional Chinese style of preparation or Raw preparation if requested
  • Bringing the body into balance with your own hormones (tincture may last for many years!)
  • A trained and certified Placenta Specialist who maintains OSHA and World Health Organization standards for this process, including training in Blood Borne Pathogen prevention.

What is a placenta tincture?

A tincture is a long lasting extract (similar to vanilla extract, but with placenta) to continue the benefits once you have finished the last of your capsules. 

What is a placenta salve?

A salve is a soothing ointment made with beeswax and nourishing oil and placenta powder. It can be used to heal skin abrasions, dry skin, stretch marks and more!

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