Thriving in parenthood often means getting adequate sleep and having someone there to take care of you

We are here to help. 

Have you ever heard the term "sleep like a baby"? We hate to break it to you, but whoever coined that term, lied. Most newborns wake every 2-3 hours to feed. Add in burping, a diaper change or two, and comforting your baby back to sleep, you're lucky if you get a 2 hour stretch of sleep before the next feed. 

We share this information, not to scare you, but to help you establish realistic expectations for the first weeks and months of your baby's life. As baby care experts and experienced parents, we know how hard it is... but sympathy isn't enough. Your body needs sleep to function. That's a known fact. But it also needs sleep to recover from birth and to stay sane throughout the postpartum period. Sleep is what your body needs and sleep is what your body will get with overnight doula care. 

New parents often express feeling blind-sided when they bring their baby home, because no one talks about how hard it can really be. We don't want that for you. We want you to feel prepared, calm, and confident. We want you to feel well cared for and supported. Our exceptional doulas are there to do just that. We care for you so that you have the energy to care for your baby.

If this is your first child you may not fully understand the benefits of an overnight doula and to be honest, you may not fully understand the value until your doula arrives that first night. Her presence will undoubtedly reduce your anxiety and boost your confidence as parents. Amidst the well-meaning, but conflicting advice of family and friends, your doula is the calm in the storm. She will help you navigate your choices, learn about your baby, and settle into a rhythm as a family.  Her compassionate care will provide you space for ample rest, self-care and time to connect with your partner. What once was a foreign concept will eventually turn into one of the best decisions of your life.

We may be biased, but trust us: 
you want an overnight doula!

Luxurious Overnight Care Can Include:

  • Feeding, soothing, & baby care while you sleep!

  • Emotional support during the toughest hours

  • Creating healthy sleep habits for baby

  • Physical support with cesarean or vaginal birth recovery

  • Bringing your baby to you in bed for bonding

  • Middle of the night breastfeeding support

  • An extra pair of hands for parents with multiples

  • Washing & sterilizing of pump parts & bottles

  • Preparation of a light breakfast in bed

  • Baby care guidance & tutorials

  • Assistance establishing nighttime routines

  • Sibling support for bath & bedtime

Popular Overnight Packages

  • 3-5 Days of 24-hour Live-In Care
    (great for cesarean recovery and first time parents!)

  • Seven nights a week of overnight care for 2 weeks
    (12 hours per night)

  • Five nights a week of overnight care for the first month
    (10 hours per night)

  • Three nights a week of overnight care for 3 months
    (12 hours per night)

  • Five nights a week of overnight care for 3 months
    (great for parents of multiples!)

don't take our word for it,
here's what our clients have to say:

We just had our second little boy and hired aΒ postpartum doula. She was absolutely incredible! Our doulaΒ helped us get settled and was a wonderfully calming presence to help me relax and adjust to our new family. I highly recommend her and Doulas of Orange County!
— Jeremy
I am SO thrilled with the services Doulas of OC! It was super easy to set up and their customer service is fabulous. I had a postpartum doula and she was hands down amazing. She was so professional, easy to talk to and really anticipated my needs sometimes even before I did! I felt very comfortable leaving my little one with her (even though it was just in the next room) and her energy was so calming during a very chaotic time. 5+ stars!!
— Elizabeth