Jules Donohue

Birth Doula

Placenta specialist




Jules is a Birth Doula & Placenta Specialist. She holds degrees in both Fashion and Political Science, but she believes her most valuable education came from her daughter Simone’s hospital birth and then her son Leo’s home birth just two years later. These two very different birth experiences are the reason why Jules became a doula. 

She has the insight and foresight that allow her to support her clients in their own journey to parenthood. She is well versed in Hypnobabies and Hypnobirthing and The Bradley Method. She places a lot of value on the importance of prenatal education so that the experience of labor and birth is welcomed with open arms.  Jules equally values the cultivation of a strong bond between herself and her clients during the months leading up to the birth of their child.  Jules will be your listening ear and your words of encouragement. 

She has a strong intuition and knows when to hold space, which will allow you to feel safe, and when to guide you through the various stages of labor and delivery, which will allow you to feel cared for. She will walk alongside you in your greatest adventure and she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but with a woman stepping into motherhood. She believes without a doubt that being a Doula is truly a LABOR of LOVE. Oh, and if you are ever in need of one of the best chocolate chip cookies in town, she’s got you covered. Jules resides in Long Beach, CA with her husband and two children.