are you looking for a fun, interactive, and straight to the point childbirth class?

does the thought of labor & birth overwhelm you or bring up some fears?

are you interested in learning about all of your birth options without a specific agenda?

Join our one-day
workshop for an uncensored,
straight forward approach
to preparing for labor & birth

We believe that education is the foundation to a confident birth experience and are proud to offer a comprehensive and unbiased approach to childbirth education focusing on the unique needs of the class participants, along with evidence based information.

Our goal is to assist you in preparing for your unique birth experience with confidence, by providing you with the tools needed to make informed decisions every step of the way. Every birth is different and how you choose to birth your baby is up to you. Our class includes information on all types of birth to give you the information you need to make confident choices. 

In our monthly one-day workshop, Orange County families will:

  • Explore the history of the Birth Partner and explore the various ways partners can be involved.

  • Address fears relating to pregnancy, birth, & postpartum

  • Learn the Stages of Labor including emotional/physical markers

  • Develop an ideal vision for labor and birth & begin to create your own unique birth plan

  • Practice comfort through Massage, Visualization, Meditation and Relaxation

  • Practice properly paced breathing for complete relaxation and calm

  • Understand common/routine procedures & interventions, as well as policies for OC hospital and birthing centers

  • Explore medicated and unmedicated pain relief options

  • Practice Labor and Birthing positions for comfort and progression

  • Education on the β€œWelcoming Hour” including newborn procedures

  • Utilizing Tools: Birth Ball, Peanut Ball, Rebozo, Counter Pressure, Massage, Hot/Cold Therapy, Aromatherapy and more

Each workshop includes hands-on activities that will create a deeper bond with your partner and prepare you for the incredible experience of childbirth. Our classes include uncensored, judgment-free discussion of all birthing options and scenarios including natural birth plans, pain medications VBACs, and cesareans. We encourage our students to share openly and connect with other parents in the class to begin building their community for years to come!  

If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular group classes, we are proud to offer private, in-home childbirth education classes that are personalized to your specific needs, learning style and schedule. 

Private classes are a great option for families with unpredictable or busy schedules, moms on bedrest, or those that want a custom-tailored class taught in the comfort of their own home.

Virtual classes are also available!