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Here are some love letters from happy clients

I cannot recommend Lauren enough for sleep training!!!! I know it may seem like a giant amount of money but I have to say, every penny was worth it. Our sweet boy was just shy of 12 weeks when Lauren came for two days/nights. I was so overwhelmed with having a 20 month old and our new 11 week old waking EVERY HOUR and feeding every TWO hours 24 hour a day!! I did not know how to tackle it and he slept through the night on DAY TWO! When I doubted the process and almost gave up (in regards to the nap training), I trusted in her words and experience and our 12 week old was sleep trained even for naps by day FOUR. No crap naps in this house! He can literally fall asleep anywhere. We took our 3 month old to a party and threw him in the bedroom during his nap time and he slept over an hour like a champ, no rocking, no feeding, no pacifier, no car seat. Fast forward to the four month sleep regression and he has handled like a champ with just a minor adjustment from Lauren. She stays with you no matter what and is always available, even beyond the designated month you pay for. She will work with you and do what is best for your baby and what you are comfortable with. I completely trust her with our son and his sleep habits and I already have a little one, plus my husband and I both are in the medical profession. She is the sleep guru and I highly recommend her. I did try others who did outside consulting and it would fail miserably. Having her come into our home and staying for 48 hours made all the difference in the world. I tried reading the Ferber method, contacting other sleep trainers etc etc and I could not have done it without this in home experience. And whomever tells you a 12 week old cannot be sleep trained is lying!! Or they have never tried. Our little boy was so easy at this age and am so happy we did it. Sleeping again and so happy! Book her today!!!
— - Veronica D.
Having a Postpartum doula here after I had my baby was such a huge help!! Before I had my baby, I took my two year old toddler to the park daily. After the baby was born I found I couldn’t take them both the first few weeks I was home because it was too much. It was great having the Doula there because we could switch off giving attention between my toddler and my newborn. Grocery shopping alone? Forget about it. I still cant do it months later, She was a huge help with that and she would take the groceries upstairs and put them away allowing me to nurse the baby and rest. Going downstairs to do baby laundry was also impossible for me, she did that too. Whether you want to take a shower and relax or need some food prep because it is impossible to make any decent meals after you have a baby, having a Postpartum Doula is a wonderful experience. I have already recommended Doulas of Orange County to a couple of pregnant women I know.
— Shanni
Our Doula was exactly what I needed for my prenatal preparation, labor and delivery. She brought an ease and peace to a very stressful event. During labor, she was patient and explained the certain medical interventions that were offered to me and more importantly empowered me to make decisions. When I was lost in pain of contractions, her voice tethered me and I was able to focus and surrender to the experience, getting through the waves discomfort. While I was recovering, she was available night and day for my texts on postpartum healing and breastfeeding, offering invaluable resources and suggestions. My husband and I couldn’t have done it without her. I strongly recommend Doulas of Orange County services.
— Julie
I can’t say enough about how our doula was such a vital part of our labor. It is our first child and I had a lot of anxiety about the labor itself. I also wanted to have a natural labor without any medication at all.

Our doula met with us months prior to the labor and informed us of our options. The night that I went into labor I was in constant communication with her until she arrived at our home early in the morning (she was not there sooner because I had no idea I was even in labor). Right when she got there she immediately stepped in and helped with the pain management during contractions. When we arrived at the hospital, having her by my side was even more important. She helped me manage the pain as it did intensify and constantly made sure I was hydrated, and more importantly, she made she everything we had discussed for our labor was followed through.

During a very intense moment where I really wanted to give up and broke down highly considering the epidural, she talked it out with me long enough that I didn’t need it anymore! I gave birth to my beautiful daughter exactly how I wanted. I couldn’t stop telling my doula how much I LOVE HER!

We’re so thankful to have found the Doulas of OC! We hope they will be a part of baby #2’s birth in the future!
— Catherine L
When my wife and I decided to give birth using the Bradley Method, we were encouraged to consider having a Doula as well. There was a bit of skepticism amongst some of the other fathers/coaches in our class, but my wife and I wanted to explore this as a serious option.

Our Doula immediately made a great first impression, even BEFORE we met her in person. Her professionalism was apparent simply with her prompt response and professional looking letterhead (it’s the little things that count too). Once we finally met, I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I would have the best support for my wife and myself so that I could focus on being the best Bradley coach that I could be.

On the day(s) of birth, we labored out at home for several hours before we called our doula in. From the moment she arrived to packing up our car for us after giving birth 15.5 hours later, she was “on the clock” and never once faltered.

To have a natural childbirth, you need to be all-in and you need support. I can, without a doubt, say that we could not have lasted the 32.5 hour labor without her compassionate and tireless support.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Doulas of Orange County for helping us bring our son into his new life drug-free, bright-eyed and healthy!
— Brad
We will remain forever grateful for selecting Doulas of Orange County and most specifically, having Tawnya there for the precious first weeks of our daughter’s life. Not only did she give us peace of mind and confidence - and some serious sleep at night! - but she loved and cared for our daughter like no one else. Tawyna’s loving attitude, charisma, candor and gracious ways assured us we were doing all the right things and made the daunting first night’s with a newborn more than achievable. We know having a postpartum doula is a luxury and are so glad we made the decision to welcome Tawnya into our home.
— Louise
I am SO thrilled with the services of Doulas of Orange County! It was super easy to set up - their customer service is fabulous. My Postpartum Doula was hands down amazing. She was so professional, easy to talk to and really anticipated my needs sometimes even before I did! I felt very comfortable leaving my little one with her (even though it was just in the next room lol) and her energy was so calming during a very chaotic time. 5+ stars!!
— Elizabeth
Where do I start?! I am SO thankful to have found Doulas of Orange County! From the classes, to the support of the owners and my doula, it was a five star experience. My doula was incredible. She went above and beyond for me and my husband! Would definitely recommend their classes and their entire team!
— Caitlen W.