Start your breastfeeding relationship off with expert guidance.

Do you have a postpartum & breastfeeding plan in place to ensure complete and seamless care from birth to bonding? At Doulas of OC, our support doesn't end at birth. Instead, we continue to provide the same care and compassion through postpartum and feeding.

With two Lactation Professionals on our team, you will receive personalized breastfeeding support in pregnancy via our Milk Mama 101 class and when your baby arrives through in-home or in-office visits. IBCLC, Linda Goodman and CLEC, Luka Johnson provide one-on-one breastfeeding consultations for new parents after baby arrives to promote healthy bonding and breastfeeding success or to address feeding hurdles. 

During your in-home or in-office visit, your lactation specialist will observe a feeding session to assess your baby’s latch, positioning and suck strength, answer any concerns or questions you have about breastfeeding, and provide professional suggestions or referrals based on your unique breastfeeding relationship. Common concerns such as establishing milk supply, how often your baby needs to feed, and pumping & breastmilk storage will all be addressed and a personalized care plan will be created for your specific needs. Included in each visit is a follow up phone call to answer additional questions and check in on your care plan.

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Consultations & Classes

One on One Consults with mom & baby

Home, Hospital or Office Visit: 1-2 hours
Skype: 30 minutes
Phone or Email: 25 minutes

We can provide assistance with:

  • latching issues
  • comfortable position suggestions
  • recognizing hunger cues
  • recommendations for a healthy milk supply
  • creating a plan for returning back to work or school
  • sore nipples or discomfort
  • engorgement
  • guidance on what to expect with newborn nursing patterns
  • guidance on how to identify baby is getting enough
  • pumping and storage
  • clinical concerns (tongue tie, lip tie, etc.)
  • adequate weight gain assessment
  • pumping & storage

Pumping Consultation

Returning back to work or school can be a big transition. Our lactation expert will help you be prepared with a breastfeeding and pumping plan to help create as smooth a transition as possible. 

During this visit we will:

  • Assess your personal situation
  • Go over your pump, parts, or provide recommendations for a pump based on your situation
  • Create a customized plan for pumping or expression
  • Go over ways to maintain a healthy milk supply
  • Feeding choices for care provider
  • Go over guidelines for storage and preparation
  • Provide print outs on current laws in regards to pumping in the workplace
  • How to get the most out of the time spent with baby
  • Resources and referrals


Hosted Monthly at Doulas of Orange County:: 17985 Sky Park Circle Ste A, Irvine CA 92614

In this 3 hour class, you will learn everything you need to know about breastfeeding your sweet newborn. Luka will discuss proper latch and positioning, feeding frequency and duration, the first golden hour after birth, common concerns, establishing a supply, pumping and storing milk and how to tell if baby is getting enough. You will be provided resources and tools to get you and your baby off to the right start. Informative videos and demonstration dolls will be used. Time will be given to go over your questions as well! 

Lactation Specialists

After attending the prenatal breastfeeding class and the new mommy group both offered by Doulas of Orange County, I decided to look into their lactation support for my little one. Being a first time mom and returning to work soon, I had a lot of questions regarding breastfeeding and pumping. I was incredibly overwhelmed and I’m so glad I decided to set up the consultation. She was so incredibly knowledgeable and gave me so much help. I left feeling much more confident both in my breastfeeding journey with my son and in regrading to pumping/my return to work. It’s a resource I’m definitely very grateful for.
— Dre D.