Questions to Ask Your Placenta Specialist

So you're on the fence about placenta encapsulation. To help get your questions answered, we've compiled a list of our most common questions about placenta preparation and consumption. 


1. What methods of preparation do you offer?

Doulas of Orange County not only offers placenta benefits in pill form, but we also offer tinctures and salves, as well as keepsakes if desired. Encapsulation is the most popular request and involves placing dried placenta powder in gelatin or vegan capsules. Tinctures offer a longer term use of your placenta in liquid form. Salves include dried placenta powder mixed with the healing properties of beeswax and oil to use for skin conditions for mom & baby. 

The basis of our placenta preparation is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) inspired, which involves steaming and dehydrating the placenta prior to consumption. This preparation method discourages the growth of bacteria, making it the safest option for everyone. 

2. What are the benefits I can expect?

Our clients attest to the many benefits of using their placenta capsules and tincture to support their body and mind during postpartum recovery. Clients report mood & hormone balancing, help with boosting their milk supply, decrease in the amount of postpartum bleeding they experience, and increased energy. As every body and every person is different, each experience may vary, but these are the most common. 

3. Where did you complete your training and what does your training entail?

We are proud to have the only ProDoula trained Postpartum Placenta Specialists within 40 miles. ProDoula's training offers the most comprehensive training available meeting the highest safety standards in the industry. These trainings are only offered in-person where we encapsulate an actual placenta and walk step-by-step through the process. In addition to this 2-day training, we are also fully certified to uphold blood borne pathogen standards as set forth by OSHA as well as certified Food Handlers. All trainings and certifications are kept up-to-date to ensure the safest handling and preparation of your placenta. 

4. What are your sanitation and safety protocols?

The safest placenta encapsulation includes up-to-date Bloodborne Pathogens Certification which as we already mentioned, our placenta team always has. 

When it comes to sanitization the only acceptable method is soaking in bleach solution or commercial sanitizer. All other methods are inferior. Our equipment is monitored for normal wear and tear and is replaced accordingly as needed. Following processing each placenta, we soak all re-useable equipment in a bleach solution as set forth by OSHA to adequately kill all bacteria and prevent cross contamination. For anything that isn't reusable, we start fresh with each client. We always wear personal protective equipment including a mask, plastic apron, gloves, and a hair covering. 

5. How do you ensure that I'm receiving my placenta and not someone elses?

This is the beauty of opting for in-home encapsulation. By transporting your own placenta and witnessing the process in your own home, there will be no doubt. For those that choose to have their placentas processed in their specialists home, rest assured that we only process one placenta at time. Your specialist confirms that your placenta is properly labeled prior to receiving your it from the hospital and keeps everything labeled throughout the entire process. 

6. Do you have a contract?

Yes! This is essential for any professional placenta encapsulator. At Doulas of Orange County, our services are always contracted. In doing so, you know what to expect from us as an agency and from your placenta specialist as an individual. Our contract states your responsibilities as the client (such as ensuring proper storage at the hospital) and ours. We welcome you to review our contract prior to booking this service if you choose. 

Your placenta and postpartum deserve the best support offered. We encourage you to take the time to discuss relevant policies with placenta encapsulators and asking the hard questions. In doing so, we are confident that you will find Doulas of OC to be heads above the rest. We invite you to check out a few of our client reviews on Yelp to learn more about the professionalism and satisfaction our clients receive.