An Ancient Tradition With Modern Benefits

Bengkung Belly Binding is a comfortable and effective way to promote physical and emotional well-being after pregnancy and birth. This personalized practice is facilitated by one of our Belly Binding Specialists in the comfort of your own home.

The ancient practice of belly binding consists of binding a person’s abdomen with soft, flexible cloth. The act of binding the belly promotes physical recovery and provides comfort and healing for the postpartum womb. Using a long, thin piece of fabric, your Belly Binding Specialist will snugly wrap your torso from just below your chest to just below your hips. The goal is to provide support to your abdominal wall and core muscles, improve your posture, support loose ligaments, and assist your organs in returning to their pre-pregnancy positions. Belly-binding is available to support your recovery from a vaginal or cesarean birth. 

The Benefits of Belly Binding:

  • Core Support

  • Pelvic Floor Support

  • Decrease in Postpartum Bleeding Time

  • Posture Support (especially while breastfeeding!)

  • Minimize Physical Discomforts

  • Promotes Postpartum Self-Care and Rest 

  • Increases Circulation & Decreases Water Retention



Your 90 Minute Session includes your own personal wrap, 4oz massage oil and warming paste, hands-on wrapping from your specialist, a demonstration for you or a partner on how to wrap, along with guidelines on appropriate length of use for your specific needs. Services are provided throughout Orange County & Long Beach.